About Us

PT. Anugrah Indo Distribusi

was established in 2018 as a Food & Beverages distributor in Sumatera.

PT. Anugrah Indo Distribusi is sole distributor for several Brand Agency in Sumatera (North Sumatera, Kep. Riau, Pekanbaru, Aceh). We provide customized sales, brand development, marketing and  logistics solutions to our clients and principals



PT Anugrah Indo Distribusi believe everyone in Sumatera deserve better life with quality foods and beverages.



    Our products are world-class , high standards, wholesome with quality, good packaging designs  & we make them readily available .

    The products will be selected base on relevance of the market demand & consumer feedback.


    We seek to WOW our customer by being responsive, available 24/7 & be a creative problem solver for them. Stocks fulfilment must be fast ( in time ) & accurate (in stocks). Our aim is to be able to deliver 24/7 & fulfilment within 24 hours .


    Our team must fulfill the 4C’s

    C: Character (a willing, discipline & learning attitude)

    C: Competence (have the skill-set & aptitude to perform have results delivered at 130%)

    C: Chemistry (the ability to work as a team, lead & influence them)

    C: Culture (strong work ethics, respectful & integrity)




    We want to align ourselves with a customers that values our services & relationships. One that will carry a wide assortment of our products , pays on time, respects us & appreciate our WOW services . They consistently involve us in their new venture & future innovations. They trust us to improve their top & bottom line and they believe that we can achieve more with them and results delivered .