Quick, easy, tasty — that’s Biondi Pasta — a great substitute for Noodles, Rice or Couscous. It’s so quick and easy to cook in boiling water. In fact, Biondi Angel Hair Pasta cooks in just 2 minutes. Biondi Pasta is very versatile, which makes it the perfect ingredient for so many different types of delicious meals. Create Traditional Italian pasta recipes, or simply replace your Noodles with one of our long pasta shapes — the choice is yours. With 10 different Biondi Pasta varieties available, you’ll find one that’s just perfect for whatever type of meal you want to create.

The Biondi range has 10 different pasta shapes — all delicious, and each one suited to different types of sauces and different types of meals. Choose from Vermicelli, Spaghetti, Linguine, Fettuccine, Spirals, Elbows, Trivelle, Penne and Macaroni. So, which Biondi Pasta will you try next? Here are some recipes to help you decide…