CY Beverages Pure Baking Matcha Shizuoka Japan 100gr

Cy Baking Matcha Smoothies & Baking

SATISFACTION IN EVERY SIP – Hot water and a spot of Matcha fresh, bright, creamy powder is all it takes for a taste of pure matcha tea. We grind every part of these traditional Asian tea leaves into a delicate powder, so you get the most nutritious, delicious matcha possible.

DELIGHTFULLY GOOD FOR YOU – Brimming with mind-body benefits, your superfood powder provides energy no tea, coffee, or energy drink can match(a). Plus, CY Matcha adds zero artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives to the mix – only 100% pure matcha.

MATCHA LATTES & MORE – It’s simply scrumptious to whip up a starbucks matcha latte, smoothie and with CY Matcha, your creamy beverage is only the beginning

100% Pure Matcha From Japan