Made from 100% top grade non-GMO organic black soy beans, UNISOY Black Soy Milk Powder comes with a ton of health benefits including being naturally free from lactose, cholesterol, and low in fat. It also contains isoflavones, magnesium, vitamin E and is rich in protein.

Best for ladies and beauty!

♥ 100%Organic Black Soya Beans
♥ De-hulled Beans, No more beany taste!
♥ Cholesterol Free
♥ Contains Vitamin E, an all powerful vitamin
♥ Contains Magnesium, helps retain calcium
♥ Low Fat

Preparation Info :

Prepare 220ml of warm water (best served at 80°C), do not add hot water!
Add in 1 sachet (32g) stir well until the black bean powder fully dissolves

Ingredients : 100% De-hulled Organic Black Soybean, Fructooligosaccharide, Calcium Carbonate

Storage : Store in a cool and dry place