Beras Kenta 2kg

Beras Korea Premium Kenta 2kg – Beras Bento

Rice translates into “Ssal (쌀)” in Korean. But once cooked, it will have a completely new name; “Bap (밥)”. The word “Bap” means more than just cooked rice. It is an emotion-filled word that recollects one’s childhood and life in general. Bap also has a meaning of a “meal” and it often becomes a tool for socializing. For example, a person extends an invitation to friends or acquaintances by asking them if he can treat the person with Bap–meaning an entire meal and time spent together.

Koreans do not just eat one kind of rice. There are several types. I hope this post will help you understand the different varieties of Korean rice so that you can adopt them in your diet.

Short grain white rice wins the best taste award but has the worst nutritional value. It is completely milled, which means its husk, bran and germ is removed during the milling process leaving just the starch. Despite the excessive milling process, white rice still contains some B-vitamins. Unfortunately B-vitamins are water soluble, so they can be easily washed out in during rinsing and cooking