Date Palms originate from Southwest Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. Many ancient civilizations referred to dates as the fruit of life. Dates are an important energy source and believed to be a divine fruit.

Dates are rich in flavor and can be eaten whole, used in sweet or savory dishes, in alcoholic beverages, syrups and vinegars.

The harvesting of dates occurs between the months of July ~ August. Dates are in the form of an ellipse (3~5cm) and the color ranges from red, green, or yellow. Unlike other fruits, dates have a shelf life of 2~3 years.

Taylor Dried Whole Dates are partially dried creating a soft texture and are naturally sweet. Taylor Dates are abundant in iron and dietary fibers which helps stimulate bowel movements. The carbohydrates in dates makes for an excellent source of energy for outdoor activities and exercises.

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