Figs originate from the Middle East and have been consumed for centuries; there’s references to them in the bible. They are referred to as a ‘no flower fruit’ because the blooming occurs inside of the figs.

Figs have natural insecticidal properties so they are cultivated without the use of pesticides.

Dried figs are one of the most alkaline foods which helps balance the body’s pH levels. They contain dietary fiber and are rich in potassium which can stimulate bowel movement. Figs also aid in the digestion of meats because they contain ficin.

You can enjoy Taylor Dried Figs in fruit salads, breads, yogurts, or as a baking ingredient in cookies, pies, etc.

• 100% natural dried soft and delicious whole figs with no sugar added
• Rich in fiber, iron and potassium
• Help to promote a healthly diet
• Enjoyed for its health benefits and delicious taste

Product of USA