Ingredients: De-stoned Californian plums, natural preservatives potassium sorbate

Tasty ideas for Taylor prunes:
Combine with nuts, cheese and biscuits for wholesome snacks
Add to morning cereal or oatmeal for a sweet breakfast
A dried prune or two makes healthy dessert
Great ingredients for baking! Add prune to muffins, pies, cupcakes and all sorts of other pastries.

Product of USA

Ways For Adult to Enjoy Prunes / Prune Juice
Enjoy 3~4pcs of prunes with 1 cup of prune juice (200ml)
Depending on the individual, you may increase the quantity and frequency.
Enjoy them in the morning, at lunch time, for snacking or before bedtime.
It’s good to have a light meal after drinking a cup of juice in the morning.

Ways For Children To Enjoy Prunes / Prune Juice
For children under the age of 10, enjoy 15ml of prune juice
For babies, dilute prune juice with water or with another juice.
For infants who can chew, enjoy prune juice with 2~3pcs of prunes.

Eating Prunes
Begin to eat a small amount of prunes each day. At first you may experience slight bloating, gas or bowel movements, or possibly have a mild stomachache.
This is a natural occurrence as a result of eating prunes and will reduce over time as you gradually consume more prunes. As prunes become part of your regular diet, your body will become used to their presence.

Different Ways To Consume Prune Nutrients
Consume Prunes with fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C. This will improve the absorption rate of irons in Prunes.
Consume Prunes with a variety of foods including meats, noodles, and grains. This is an excellent way to improve your intake of nutrients and add variety to your meals!